Uber Driver Partner Program - Save Up To $2,000!

Premier Kia would like to present our exclusive Uber Driver Partner Program:

Limited Time Only!

This program allows an Uber Driver Partner to qualify for the applicable incentive listed below subject to Dealer's compliance with the Rules below and KMA's Sales Policy.

A. Eligible Customers 
To be eligible, a customer must meet the following conditions: 

    1. The customer must be an active Uber Driver Partner at the time of purchase. 
    2. The customer must complete and sign the Uber Driver Partner Form 
    3. The Uber Driver Partner must be the primary buyer of the vehicle.

In addition, the Specialty Incentive Claim Form and Uber Driver Partner Form must be completed in full and signed by the customer and an authorized Premier Kia representative.

B. Submission of Required Documentation
Must be submit (i) the Uber Driver Partner Form, (ii) the Specialty Incentive Claim Form, and (iii) a copy of the fully executed buyer's order of finance contract.

C. Claiming Incentive Payments
Premier Kia must satisfy the following requirements in order to offer, and be reimbursed for, this incentive: 
    1. The name of the Uber Driver Partner must match the registration, sale documentation, and WebDCS reporting information. 
    2. The Customer must demonstrate to the Dealer that they are an Uber Driver Partner.

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