Maintaining Your Kia is Easy -- and Smart

Modern cars are complex machines but maintaining them doesn't have to be hard. Here are some basic tips to help you get years of use from your new Kia. Plus, regular maintenance will save you from many costly repairs later on.

Remember, we are here to help - if you have any questions at all, one of our certified technicians will be happy to advise you. 

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Over time, your wiper blades will begin to dry out, crack and simply stop performing well. No worries. Changing your wiper blades is part of normal Kia maintenance and something you can easily do yourself.

To help the blades last longer you can wipe them off with a soft rag, which can remove leaves, dirt an other road contamination and extend their life.
When it is time for new blades, always use the right size blades and you can quickly put them on.
If you'd like us to show you how, just stop by any time or take advantage of out Express Service center - no appointment needed.

Detailing Makes a Difference

Washing and polishing your car isn't just about looks. Regular cleaning and detailing can protect your car's paint and finish, keep your Kia looking newer, longer, and even save on gas.
But plain, old bargain car washes use all-purpose cleaning solutions that simply don't remove all dirt that accumulates as you drive. Worse than that, some even use harsh chemicals that can wear down your exterior, rubber and plastic trim, and even your paint job over time.
And inside your car, tires and seats can really take a beating, and even absorb unpleasant odors over time.
Have your car professionally detailed often to protect it and keep it looking great.

Your Filters

There are two important filters you should change regularly. While they are both part of certain maintenance services, you can change them yourself if you feel the need. As always, you can consult your Owner's Manual or call us for the best advice.

​Under the hood, your air filter helps clean the air coming into the engine. Even particles as small as a grain of sand can cause engine damage. While often easy to replace, your Kia Service technician will be happy to replace your filter while performing other services on your car. Just don't let your filters remain in place any longer than your Owner's Manual recommends. 

Inside the cabin is another important filter - the cabin air filter. This helps clean the air you breathe and makes a noticeable difference. It can trap dust, pollen, mold and a number of other unpleasant and unhealthy things. Refer to your owner's Manual for recommended replacement  times and just get it done. Your passengers' health may just depend on it.
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